C.W Surfacing LTD carry out all types of Asphalt surfacing works, specialising in machine lay and tolerance work which we get involved in on a daily basis, however we are equally skilled to carry out smaller hand lay work. We can cater for all your surfacing requirements providing Labour, Plant and Material or individual elements if necessary. We also try to be responsive to customer needs understanding that every job is different with a different set of requirements and react accordingly.

Over the last 30 years we have seen our business change considerably and have adapted accordingly being flexible to new ideas and innovative products and also being interested in the progression new products and services can bring to our business. Working for all the major companies in our field we have been involved in a lot of testing and trailing of new materials such as HBM, RCC and CBGM which have now become commonplace within our industry and having extensive knowledge of laying such products which we feel puts us a an advantage from the start. As well as newer systems we lay a great deal of more traditional materials such as hot roll and chips also an area where we have a wealth of experience.

The size of project we get involved in varies considerably from the surfacing of the Thanet Way 2016/2017 to a Tennis Court or a Multi-Use Games Area (MUGA). Our company ethos is that all jobs are of equal importance and with that in mind we strive to deliver exceptional quality work whatever the size.

Another important part of our operation is to get quotations turned around quickly as possible as we know how frustrating it can be waiting for a quotation and understand that our element is often just one part of a larger picture. Having various members of staff with a wealth of experience allows us to follow up on this and get quotes back usually within 48 hours.

Because of the nature of what we do and every site being so different we always try where possible to carry out a site visit before we provide a quotation, this way we can provide accurate pricing which will hopefully give the client peace of mind that they will not at the end of the contract be billed with a list of extras which they didn’t know about. We do appreciate that sometimes that this is not possible and extra overs are inevitable but these are always agreed on site and signed for to avoid any confusion at a later date.